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I want to do the ombré thing <3 my hair would look exactly the same! <3

I want to do the ombré thing <3 my hair would look exactly the same! <3

look at this mini tutorial to have perfectly shaped eyebrows! cool isn`t it??!

I loved this!!! but I don´t know how this color would work with brown eyes! must give it a try though!

I loved this!!! but I don´t know how this color would work with brown eyes! must give it a try though!

blondes have more fun?

:D I really needed some kind of a change and guess what?? went blonde! what do you think???


(Source: annmariestyle)

top 10 retro hairstyles that are hot right now!


The head scarf updo makes us think of the classic “Rosie the Riveter” poster, but you don’t have to work in a factory to make the head scarf look work for you. Danielle Bucco-Regazzi, Farouk Systems Creative Artist, says it’s an easy style for the busy mom on the go, or a fun touch for brunch with the girls. 

Keep it modern: For your scarf, ditch the red and white polka dots and go for a fun floral print in a trendy color like mint green. This is also the perfect updo for hair that’s overdue for some shampoo. 

How to: Spritz a volume booster into your damp hair, likeChi Volume Booster, $14. Create a deep side part and tie your hair into a ponytail at the crown. Take random strands of hair and apply a little Redken Velvet Gelatine 07, $17.50, before setting your hair with a medium barrel iron to create the curls, says Kris Sorbie, Education Artistic Director of Redken 5th Avenue. When the curls have cooled, rake your fingers through them to break them up and randomly pin the curls into a messy bun. Tie a pretty scarf around your head to complete the look.


"This classic vintage look always evolves with time," says Bucco-Regazzi. "I absolutely love it! It is the most trendy look coming out of the salons right now." But the best part is that it’s simple and easy to do. 

Keep it modern: Make sure the hair at your crown isn’t tooteased. You want to have the volume be fluffy, not stiff. And you can choose to add waves to your hair to give it a tousled, beachy look. 

How to: Turn your head upside down and spray a generous amount of dry shampoo throughout your hair to amp up volume, says Sorbie. Try Redken Powder Refresh 01, $14. Then apply the dry shampoo to your crown, teasing with a tail comb to create lift. Smooth over the teased area, and place bobby pins to anchor the volume. Then tie your hair into a side ponytail behind your ear, keeping the front flat and finish with a spritz of a volumizing finishing spray.


"This ’60s mod look is timeless," says Hollywood, Calif,-based hair expert, Philip B. "The drawback to this retro hairstyle is that you have to commit to constant touchups — a trim every two weeks and you can’t have any frizz." The stylist says it’s best for those with medium-to-thick straight hair. 

Keep it modern: “It’s sculpted to play up a beautiful neck and cheekbones. It’s also right in step with the revival of the color-blocking look in fashion.” For the modern update, the cut has less volume than the original inspiration, which “makes the hairstyle sleeker and a little more gamine, I think,” says Philip B. He adds that it’s fun to pair this look with feminine clothes and makeup. 

How to: Use a great conditioner, like Philip B. Oud Royal Forever Shine Conditioner, $85, to make the hair really soft and shiny. Blow dry with a paddle brush and then smooth on a touch of anti-frizz serum to keep the style looking really glossy and smooth.


"This timeless, sexy look is really practical," says Philip B. Anyone can do it with a hair elastic and a couple of bobby pins." Even better, it’s a very neutral and versatile style — it’s equally great for work, the beach, or a big night out. Bonus? This retro pony works beautifully on unwashed hair." 

Keep it modern: “Stick to minimal makeup and minimalist clothing,” says Philip B. 

How to: Brush your hair and pull it into a high ponytail. Smooth hair with a touch of gel and secure with an elastic. Brush out the ponytail, and add another elastic two inches down, and brush out the ponytail again. Finish by rubbing a dab of finishing cream between your palms and smoothing it over the ponytail to give it extra shine.


This young Julie Christie or Charlotte Rampling hairstyle is “so romantic and kind of innocent,” says Philip B. “It frames the face in a lovely way that draws attention to the mouth.” 

Keep it modern: Go for less structured waves by using hot rollers. “This is a terrific look if you’re in your early 20s and wear minimal makeup,” he says. “The side part is more extreme than how it used to be worn in order to create the lovely side-swept bangs. And again, this look is very touchable; the hair looks really healthy and glossy, not sprayed or helmet-like.” 

How to: Spray each 1-inch section of hair with two to three mists of hairspray and put it into a hair roller. When the rollers feel cool, let your hair down. Spray some dry shampoo at the crown, let it dry for a minute, then brush your hair out and shape it with your fingers.


Philip B. says these voluminous waves are flattering for all women — but especially for more petite types, which he says almost need big hair. “You need that volume and height at the crown to balance a small frame. It’s a very sexy look.” 

Keep it modern: “Make sure your hair doesn’t look sprayed. Use hot rollers and some dry shampoo at the crown to gently pump up the hair instead of teasing it. The touchable texture is the modern upgrade of this Brigitte Bardot blowout,” says Philip B. 

How to: The trick with this style is to use dry shampoo. Curl your hair with hot rollers. Then use the dry shampoo at the crown for lift and to make the style more manageable. Finish with a touch of hairspray for soft, touchable hold.


We loved them on Audrey Tautou in “Amelie” and Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday,” and these cropped bangs are coming back into style with celebrities like Michelle Williams, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Penelope Cruz wearing them so well. 

Keep it modern: Instead of wearing the fringe à la Audrey Hepburn with tailored, feminine clothes, Philip B. recommends pairing the bold fringe “with the ’60s color-blocking and Edie Sedgwick trends that are also back in style.” 

How to: “This is a wonderful cut for playing up a beautiful face and swanlike neck. You can wear the bangs soft and piecey, sweep them to one side, or even secure them with a pretty little clip or bobby pin,” says Philip B. A skinny headband can look really flattering and chic, too, like Michelle Williams did at the 2012 Golden Globes.


This elegant updo still looks soft and touchable with the teased crown and tousled twist. It’s formal enough for a wedding hairstyle and casual enough for date night. See how to give the classic updo a modern upgrade. 

Keep it modern: “This evening look began as an elegant updo, but you can modernize it by loosening up the hair and creating lots of volume on top,” says Bucco-Regazzi. The key is to not try to make your hair look perfect. 

How to: Split your hair into two sections, creating a part in the middle of your head, from one ear to the other. Clip the top section out of the way, then take the lower half and tease for volume. Then wrap the lower section of hair into a loose bun, using bobby pins to secure the ends. Next, take the top section of hair and spray with a generous amount of hairspray before backcombing your roots at the crown. This will give you a modern beehive effect. Secure the pouf with bobby pins before tying the top section into a ponytail. On the last loop, don’t pull the ends through the elastic. Lastly, gently tug the looped pony, so that it hangs over the lower bun.


This retro updo is gorgeous with girly clothes like lace dresses, silk blouses, and full skirts, says Philip B. “It has a European look that’s a little ’40s Hollywood, too. And it’s a nice variation on an updo.” 

Keep it modern: “Keep the part a little haphazard and not so precise,” says Philip B. “The highlights here are really bright, which is what keeps the style modern. And the rolls are pinned in place but not in a severe way, so the texture looks touchable and sexy — a departure from the ’40s look.”

How to: Lightly spritz on a texturizing spray to give your hair lift and grip. Blow it dry for volume and part your hair in the middle. Twist one side back and pin it in place at the nape of your neck; repeat on the opposite side. Then connect the ends and twist them up in the back into a soft bun. Finish with a light spray of touchable hairspray.


Finger waves make us think of Marilyn Monroe with her white dress flipping up over the air vent. Philip B. says this retro hairstyle is flattering and flirty, “sort of like a cross between Ava Gardner’s look in the ’50s and ’20s flapper style.” 

Keep it modern: “What makes this hairstyle look up to date is its free-flowing quality. It looks really touchable, and the waves aren’t so sculpted as before — they’re more deconstructed,” says Philip B. 

How to: Start with dry hair. Work in 1- to 2-inch sections: lightly mist each section with a texturizing spray like Philip B. Maui Wowie Beach Mist, $16.99, and wind it into a hot roller. When rollers cool, sculpt the curls with your fingertips and finish with a misting of hairspray for hold and shine.


How to fix your broken make up!

So, girls, I knoooow how annoying can be to drop your brand new make-up and break it in a million pieces… heart breaking right?? soo, I learned this easy fix to those precious make up items you love and you just can’t throw to the garbage because they’re broken. All you need is a little of alcohol!

1- Take your broken make-up and add about a tablespoon of alcohol (could be more or less depending on the amount or size of the make up… mines are a normal size compacts).

2- Mix it with your finger or with a stick, until you have a “mousse” consistency paste.

3- Press it against the bottom of your make-up container and then let it dry.


SUCH AN EASY AND CUTE UP-DO! like all the others I bring to you always <3

don&#8217;t even need an explanation with this one! super easy. &lt;3&#160;Main source

don’t even need an explanation with this one! super easy. <3 Main source

1. It is best to start with 1-2 (even 3) day old hair that has a little wave to it. Tip: dirty hair is always best for these kinds of styles, so to get more days in between washes, wear your hair down the 1st day (styled with hairspray so it doesn’t get greasy), half up the 2nd, and all the way up the 3rd.

2. Next you will want a little lift through the roots. Just backcomb the crown area, don’t forget the front. Tip: make sure the front of your hair looks the way you want in the front, you won’t want to mess with it later. Also, if you are wanting it messier and bigger , then really go to town with the backcombing.

3. So now we have the hair looking a little fuller, and the front styled the way we want it to look in the end. Take a little hair creme and rub it in the palm of your hands. Run your hands through the ends of your hair to separate them a bit.

4. Split your hair into three sections, pulling the sides in front of your shoulders, leaving just one section in the back.

5. Lift the back section up and backcomb at the base. This is essential! The bobby pins need a little something to grab onto so they won’t slip, and this will provide that anchor.

6. Take the section and twist once like shown. Keeping your fingers at the base, slip in a bobby pin on the inside of the twist where you backcombed. Then slip a second pin in, making an X with the pins. If you feel like it needs a little more reinforcement, add more pins.

7. Next take the second section and hold it out to the side like shown. Tip: If you have thin hair, you can backcomb at the base a bit to add a little oomph, when you twist the hair, it will hide the “nest”.

8. Twist the section once loosely right next to the first twist, like shown in the picture. Tip: pin where your fingers are holding the twist, if your fingers are securing it there, so will the pins. Make sure to make an X with the pins.

9. Now take the third section and hold it to the side like the first, then twist a few times, and cross over the first two twists and pin underneath where you first originally backcombed. Make an X with a second pin.

10. Now spray the heck out of it! Just kidding a little should do :) . You’ll notice that because of the backcombing at the nape, all the pins are anchored well, so you don’t get that tug that usually comes with using bobby pins, resulting in no afternoon headache.

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